Chester County Water Resources Authority

What We Do

We provide:
  • flood protection
  • reservoir water supplies
  • water science, information and planning 
  • stormwater management planning
Today's Water Levels

Updating Chester County’s Water Plans

Click here to learn more about the updates to Watersheds and the County-wide Act 167 Stormwater Management Plan.

Things to Know

What is a Watershed - and How Does it Work?

Understanding what a watershed is and how it works is the first step to clean water for our communities and our environment. Find out more... 

Current Water Conditions

A set of color graphs and maps presents a visual snapshot of current rainfall amounts, groundwater levels and streamflow conditions for Chester County.

Streams and Lakes of Chester County

You can find out  information about the streams and lakes in Chester County through interactive maps, an overview summary, and more

Chester County Municipalities

Stormwater management and water resources information available to assist local municipalities

Things to Do


Upcoming Events

Chester County Municipal Stormwater Summit - September 20, 2019
This annual event provides updates and new information on municipal stormwater management and state regulations for municipal staff and their consultants, and conservation organizations. Agenda and details will follow.

Join a Watershed Conservation Organization

There are many local Water Conservation groups. Get involved with one that protects your local watershed.

Help at Various Clean-up Events throughout our Watersheds

Find an event via Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful website. Also check with your local watershed association or municipality. 

Participate in the Volunteer Rainfall Observer Network

Volunteer to keep a daily log of rain gauge readings and submit the log on a monthly basis. 

Right-To-Know Information

Click here for Chester County Water Resources Authority's Right-To-Know information.