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In response to the COVID-19 health emergency, Chester County Water Resources Authority will continue to provide services and programs while our staff works remotely. We encourage you to look for answers to your questions and concerns online, or send us an email at [email protected]. Visitors will be seen by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please contact us by email or call 610-344-5400 to leave a message, and we will respond as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.  Please continue to follow all CDC and PA Department of Health guidelines to help control the spread of COVID-19.  A reminder of the guidelines to be followed are found at  

What We Do


  • flood protection
  • reservoir water supplies
  • water science, information and planning 
  • stormwater management planning
Today's Water Levels

New Publication

  2019 Annual Report_Web Chester County Water Conditions 2019
The annual Water Conditions report presents a snapshot
of Chester County’s water resources in 2019 and highlights
select long-term water quality trends over the last 20 years.
This 24-page report summarizes water conditions
from January 2019 through December 2019, including rainfall,
groundwater levels, stream flows, biotic diversity, nitrogen,
phosphorus, chloride and public water use.


Hibernia Dam Rehabilitation Project

Chester County Water Resources Authority and
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
recently completed improvements to the Hibernia
Regional Flood Control Dam located at Hibernia
County Park. 

For more information, please visit the project web page.
Hibernia Dam, 2020
Hibernia County Park

Beaver Creek Dam Rehabilitation Project

Chester County Water Resources Authority and
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
are also undertaking improvements to the Beaver
Creek Flood Control Dam located in
East Brandywine Township. Additional information
is posted on the project page.

Beaver Creek Dam

Updating Chester County’s Water Plans

To ensure that all county residents are equipped with the information they need to respond to evolving water resources needs, the Chester County Water Resources Authority (CCWRA)
is preparing to review and update the Watersheds integrated water resources plan and the
County-wide Act 167 Stormwater Management Plan to ensure that these documents continue
to provide timely and relevant guidance on current and future water resources issues

Learn about the planning process for updating Watersheds and the County-wide Act 167 Stormwater Management Plan here.

The Model Ordinance Amendment for Act 15 "High Tunnels" exemption is here.

Water Conditions and Water Quality Reports
From the water we drink to the streams, lakes, and rivers in which we play, the conditions of Chester County’s water resources impact the lives of every resident. Monitoring of water quality allows us to evaluate progress and whether or not we are maintaining or improving water resources.

These reports include
  • Chester County Water Conditions January 2018 - June 2019;
  • 2018 Assessed Waters Map Series and Overview Memo;
  • Chloride Fact Sheet;
  • Water Quality Data Report: 1998 - 2017; and
  • Water Quality Data Summaries for the 18 Monitoring Stations: 1998 - 2017.

2019 Municipal Stormwater Summit

Links to the information and presentations given at the recent Stormwater Summit highlighting changing trends in growth, rainfall patterns, and stormwater in Chester County.

Things to Know


What is a Watershed - and How Does it Work?

Understanding what a watershed is and how it works is the first step to clean water for our communities and our environment. Find out more. 

Current Water Conditions

A set of color graphs and maps presents a visual snapshot of current rainfall amounts, groundwater levels and streamflow conditions for Chester County.

Streams and Lakes of Chester County

You can find out  information about the streams and lakes in Chester County through interactive maps, an overview summary, and more

Chester County Municipalities

Stormwater management and water resources information available to assist local municipalities

Things to Do


Join a Watershed Conservation Organization

There are many local Water Conservation groups. Get involved with one that protects your local watershed.

Help at Various Clean-up Events throughout our Watersheds

Find an event via Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful website. Also check with your local watershed association or municipality. 

Participate in the Volunteer Rainfall Observer Network

Volunteer to keep a daily log of rain gauge readings and submit the log on a monthly basis. 

Right-To-Know Information

Chester County Water Resources Authority's Right-To-Know information