PUNS Process

The process to Prioritize Urgency of Need for Services (PUNS) is an ongoing effort to identify and plan for the service needs of registrants. Each person's needs are categorized as Emergency (needed immediately), Critical (needed within 12 months), and Planning (needed within 5 years). The ID program uses the PUNS process to identify and rank needs as they arise, and to support service and budget requests to the Commonwealth.

When a person registers with the ID program, they meet with their Supports Coordinator to discuss service needs and develop an Individual Support Plan (ISP). Service needs that cannot be met are noted in a PUNS document. The ID program uses PUNS lists to identify individuals and develop new services when openings or new funds are available.

Supports Coordinators keep regular contact with consumers, provider agencies, and service team members to address unmet or new needs. Needs that cannot be met are recorded in a PUNS document. The Supports Coordinator convenes the service team at least annually to update the Individual Support Plan and review needs.

The Supports Coordinator then updates a PUNS form to document new or enhanced service needs. Each year the County uses PUNS data to document service needs and the urgency of those needs to support budget requests and discussions with the Commonwealth.

Priority of Urgency of Need for Services (PUNS)