Inmate Mail

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Inmates are permitted to receive correspondence through the mail. All the mail received is opened and examined for contraband. Any attempts to send contraband via mail may result in criminal action being taken against the inmate and sender. Inmates are not permitted to possess more than 10 photos at a time. Any photos containing nudity regardless of age will be returned.
All mail should have the inmate's full first and last name and the Inmate's I.D. number.

Inmates are permitted to receive magazines or newspaper subscriptions and books. All publications must be pre-approved by the Prison Administration before the inmate will be permitted to receive the publications. Anyone attempting to send the publications without the written permission of the Prison Administration will be returned at the expense of the sender or the inmate. It is the responsibility of the inmate to get the approval to receive said materials.

Books mailed to the inmate must be mailed directly from a book publisher or approved book store (Barnes & Noble & Book Nook). We do not accept used reading materials. You will need to contact the prison to confirm that the bookstore you are wishing to use is acceptable. We no longer accept deliveries from Amazon. Inmates may only have ten books in their possession at any given time. The books can only be paperback. Hard back, leather bound & zippered case book covers are not permitted. Any materials containing violence, nudity or instructions on how to make destructive devices will not be accepted.

 Unacceptable Correspondence for Inmates