Inmate Accounting


Acceptance of Money and Drop Off Locations

Money Orders and Certified Checks are the only form of currency accepted by Chester County Prison for inmate accounting. They can either be mailed in or dropped off. If dropped off, all money orders and certified checks must be placed in the designated drop box on the Prison Grounds. Please ask the Officer stationed at the Prison entrance for the location of the drop box.
The following procedures will be strictly enforced:
  1. Money Orders and Bank Certified Checks will be the only forms of currency accepted in the drop boxes.
  2. Money Orders and Bank Certified Checks Should be filled out completely and accurately to ensure proper receipt. All Money Orders and Bank Certified Checks must have full 1st and last name along with the inmate I.D. number.
  3. All other items deposited in the drop box will not be accepted. (i.e. personal checks, letters, notes, etc.).