ID Supports Coordination

The Supports Coordinator is the individual’s link to schools, the Intermediate Unit, support groups, advocates, service providers and services.  The Supports Coordinator makes and handles referrals and helps individuals get services identified in the Individual Support Plan.  The Supports Coordinator is the key liaison, communicator, advocate, and problem solver for the individual to get services. 

Supports Coordination key functions

  • Needs Assessment – With the family and the individual (and residential provider when involved), the Supports Coordinator reviews the needs of the person at least annually.
  • Individual Support Plan Development – Using information gathered during needs assessment, the Supports Coordinator helps the individual and family identify ways to meet the defined needs.  These may include community supports, generic services, or specialized intellectual disabilities services.
  • Locating Service – The Supports Coordinator helps the individual and family link to, obtain, and arrange for services.
  • Coordinating Service – The Supports Coordinator works with the individual and his/her family, friends, and service providers to oversee progress on the Individual Support Plan.
  • Monitoring Service – The Supports Coordinator regularly checks to assure the individual receives the appropriate quality, type, and level of service needed.
  • Advocacy – The Supports Coordinator ensures that individual rights are protected while appropriate services are identified and delivered.  The Supports Coordinator speaks up for and with the individual.

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