Intake Services

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The Intake Unit is the "front door" to the agency and is responsible for assessing calls from the community requesting help for either their own children or other children. Many of the callers are provided with information and referral services that may alleviate the problem, or they may be referred to an appropriate community agency.

If the caller is reporting a situation in which a child is suspected of being abused, neglected, or is at risk of harm, a trained professional staff person will evaluate to determine if the agency can provide a service to the family and child to correct the problem and to insure the child's safety. Casework coverage is provided when the agency is closed.

Service Planning

Service planning is provided to families who need child welfare services or whose needs must be explored in greater depth to make that determination. Service activities include:
  • Receipt of referrals from the community
  • Assessment of risk to children referred and implementation of protective action when necessary
  • Thorough exploration of service needs and discussion of options with families
  • Facilitation of the provision of additional diagnostic assessment including psychological, medical, etc., as indicated
  • Development of a Service Plan with the family
  • Prompt provision of needed services by referral to an appropriate community resource and family advocacy to insure delivery of the needed services.