ReferWeb is the Community Resource Directory online application for the Chester County Department of Human Services.  ReferWeb is for anyone who would like to or needs to gain more information about health and human services available in Chester County.  Below are the steps to take to get started when using ReferWeb.  

ReferWeb can be accessed at Individuals without computers can access ReferWeb at their local library, Career Link, schools, etc.

Search by Area

The first step to searching is choosing how to narrow your search field by entering information such as a zip code or town. This will enable ReferWeb to retrieve only those agencies serving the area you have chosen. You may also narrow your search by inputting an age and/or gender. This function can be helpful when searching for a service such as a shelter, which may only provide services to females. If you do not fill in any background information, ReferWeb will automatically search for all agencies, regardless of the area/gender/age served.

Other Search Options

The second step to searching is choosing what type of search you would like to conduct. There are three types of searches:  category, keyword, or agency/program name.  

Category Search
When you use the “Browse Category” search function, a list of prepared categories is displayed. You may then choose the category that best relates to the area of services you need to explore. After a category is selected, a list of subcategories will be displayed. Choose the subcategory you feel describes the services you would like to explore. Agencies providing the service related to the subcategory you have chosen will be displayed.  

Keyword Search
This search function allows you to enter a word or phrase to search for services. When using this search method, simply type in a word or phrase, such as food or shelter. It is designed to give you many choices relating to the word you have chosen.  

Agency Name Search
If you know the name of an agency you wish to find, the agency name search is the best method to use.  Simply click on this option and enter the name of the agency you are looking for. If you do not find the agency on your first try, try again using only a portion of the agency’s name. Sometimes, agencies are listed using an incorporated name that may not be the name the community knows. If you find this to be the case, please let us know so that we may add the name to a list so that it will display

Contact Us

When you access the Contact Us section of ReferWeb, you will see the following sections:

Need Help Finding a Resource
This section enables the user to contact the DHS staff person for more assistance with finding the needed service.  

Updating an Organization’s Information in the Database

This section enables an organization to update their information in ReferWeb. 

Adding an Organization into the Database
This section enables an organization that is not listed in ReferWeb to possibly become listed on the site.  The DHS staff person will review the information submitted by the organization to ensure it is directly related to health and human services, and if so, enter it into ReferWeb.

Additional Information

For additional information, please contact one of the Information and Referral (I & R) Providers listed below: 

Human Services, Inc - 610.429.3033

330 West Market Street

West Chester, PA 19380


LCH - 610.444.7550 (Option 8)
731 West Cypress Street
Kennett Square
, PA 19348

Maternal and Child Health Consortium - 610.344.5370, ext. 114   
1001 East Lincoln Highway
Coatesville, PA 19320

Oxford Area Neighborhood Services Center -  610.932.8557 (Option 0)
35 North Third Street
Oxford, PA 19363

Phoenixville Area Community Services - 610.933.1105
257 Church Street
Phoenixville, PA 19460

When a user decides to call one of the I & R providers, it is beneficial for them to call one that is near their home or area in which they are currently residing. 

Service Providers Tools:

Get Listed
Service providers interested in being listed in the Chester County Community Resource Directory, can click here to send us their information.

Request Password

Service providers already listed in the Chester County Community Resource Directory can request a password to update their information. Click here to register. 

Log In
Service providers click here to update their information.

We need your help to keep this website as current as possible, contact us if you see outdated or incorrect information