2020 Year in Review

To see what the Ag Council was up to during 2020, take a look at our annual report.

MooWebsiteNew Ag Council website in the works!

Did you know the Chester County Ag Council has a new website? Please bear with us as we transition our content from this website to our new platform at www.chescofarming.org. See you there!

Farm Guide

Farmguide2020Discover the farms and flavors of Chester County in the latest edition of our annual Guide to Local Farm Products magazine. The guide features over 125 farm stands, farmers markets and other ways to buy the produce, meat, dairy, wine, honey and more that is grown or produced right here in the county.

Meet award-winning farmers like the Gable family of Conebella Farm and learn what makes their cheeses so special. Read about upcoming ag superstars like Kaitlin Bell who has found creative ways to balance being a full-time student and a champion livestock exhibitor, all with the help of her family. This guide is your passport to Chester County agriculture, the county’s top industry, and the people who make it possible. We hope you discover some hidden local gems--and perhaps even a whole new way to shop for your groceries!