Gaol (Jail) Keepers' Docket, 1804-1857

Gaol Keepers' Dockets, 1804-1816
Records of the sheriff as jail keeper of Chester County. Entries may include: Name of prisoner and person who had prisoner committed, charge against prisoner, number assigned to prisoner, date committed, turnkey and others' fees, costs, number of days in gaol, date of discharge, signatures of those who received their fees.
Prison Docket, 1840-1857
Entries in this docket may include: Name of prisoner, when and by whom committed, charge, court term when tried and verdict, sentence of the court, description of prisoner and when and how discharged. Descriptions may include but are not limited to: height, foot length, age, nativity, scars or other distinguishing physical features, hair and eye color, temperate/intemperate, marital status, occupation, previous convictions, tattoos, whether they have children or parents living.