Superfund Sites in Chester County

There are 11 known sites in Chester County that are on the National Priorities List. These sites are also called Superfund Sites. A Superfund Site is an area of land that has been so contaminated by toxic substances that the federal government must intercede and develop a plan to clean up the area. The parties who were responsible for the contamination are held accountable and must pay for the effort to clean up the site. However, the cost can be enormous and so the government, to help with the great expense, established a "super fund."

Each Superfund Site has unique characteristics, depending on what contaminants were found within it. The map below shows the locations and names of the sites in Chester County. For many years Chester County Health Department, the Chester County Water Resources Authority, and the US Geological Survey (USGS) have joined forces to study the County ground water and surface water. Each year, wells in different areas of the County are targeted and sampled for bacteria, pesticides, VOCs, metals and other contaminants. Studies have reported that TCE has been found only in a relatively small number of the hundreds of sampled wells.

Superfund Map for Chester County