APPRISE is now Pennsylvania Medicare Education and Decision Insight (PA MEDI) -

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PA MEDI counselors are specially trained to answer your questions about Medicare and provide you with objective, easy-to-understand information about health insurance. Specifically, PA MEDI can answer your questions about Medicare, Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Medicaid, and Long-Term Care Insurance as well the new prescription drug plans.

Assessments for people under age 60

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The Department of Aging Services conducts assessments on individuals under the age of 60 to determine if consumers qualify medically for certain PA Department of Public Welfare programs. After the assessment is done the information is transferred to the County Assistance Office for financial review and disposition.

Family Caregiver Support Program

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Family Caregiver Support Program allows the caregiver the opportunity to manage and control what goods and services will be purchased according to the caregiver’s needs. The goal of the program is to reduce caregiver stress and reinforce the care being provided to older persons at home.

Intergenerational Family Caregiver Support

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This program is specially designed to assist adults age 60 and over who care for children in their homes age 18 and younger.

LIFE (Living Independence for the Elderly)

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LIFE at Home is the local subsidiary of the PACE Model program, PACE as in the Federal Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, not the PACE prescription program. LIFE at Home became an available service to Chester County residents on July 1, 2007. The program is designed to be a “one-stop shop” for persons to have access to such services all in one location.

Nursing Facility Assessments

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The Dept of Aging completes an assessment to determine if the individual needs nursing facility care.

Nursing Home Transition

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The Nursing Home Transition (NHT) is designed to provide information and assistance to people currently residing in a nursing home so they may make an informed choice about returning to the community.

Ombudsman Program

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The Ombudsman advocates for and protects the rights of all persons receiving long-term care services, and seeks to bring about needed changes to improve the quality of care received.

Options Program

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The program provides home and community-based services to enable consumers to remain in their home. Services are provided on a sliding fee scale to those who qualify. 

PDA Waiver Program 

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The PDA Waiver programs targets individuals age 60 or older eligible for nursing home placement to be provided alternative community based in-home services in a home environment setting. Consumers must meet medical and financial eligibility requirements, and choose to receive services in their own home.

Personal Care Boarding Home Supplement

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The Department of Aging completes an assessment to determine if the individual needs personal care boarding home level of care.

Protective Services

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Chester County Department of Aging Services is mandated to receive and investigate reports of suspected abuse, neglect, exploitation and abandonment of incapacitated Chester County residents aged 60 and older and to provide activities, resources and supports to detect, prevent, reduce and eliminate these conditions.