Name Search

ROD Name Search Request
A name search of property records from five years to date is required for anyone petitioning the court to change his/her own name or the name of a minor child. 
When petitioning the court to have a name changed, our office should be contacted, and a name search requested, immediately following the  filing of the petition with the court.  In order to conduct a name search, our office will need:
  • the name to be searched [the name being changed]
  • whether the petitioner is a minor
  • the name of any spouse
  • the hearing date
  • a contact person and contact phone number
On the day of the hearing, before going to the court, the name search certificate should be picked-up and paid for at our office by the petitioner or his/her representative.  The fee for a name search is $10.00.  The fee for a same day search is $20.00.  Our office does not accept personal checks or credit cards.
Notice - Fee for Same Day Name Search Requests - 6/5/2008