Military Discharges

Our office records military discharges in association with the Chester County Veterans' Affairs Office. After recordation and microfilming, these important document images are impounded and kept in a secure location within our Search Library. This insures that only the serviceperson, his or her family, or authorized military personnel or veterans' agencies will have access to these recorded documents.  Military discharges are the only documents we maintain that are not made a part of the public record.

Recording Your Military Discharge Document

To record your military discharge, visit our office at 313 West Market Street, Suite 3302, West Chester, PA and we will assist you in getting your discharge properly recorded.

Obtaining a Certified Copy of a Previously Recorded Military Discharge

If your military discharge has already been recorded in our office and you now require a certified copy, please visit our office (313 West Market Street, Suite 3302, West Chester, PA), email [email protected] or call 610-344-6330.

Veteran ID & Discount Program

We also offer Veterans who record their Discharge Documents a county-issued photo ID card as membership to our Veteran Discount Program with over 100 participating local businesses. Click here for more information.