Conditions for Well Approval

  1. Written approval to use the well must be obtained from the Chester County Health Department in accordance with Chapter 500, §501.7.8 and§501.7.10 within 90 days of the completion of the well drilling process or, if new construction, within 90 days of the completion of the well drilling process and final approval of the sewage system. In the case of an Emergency well, written approval must be obtained within 10 days (§501.7.9)
  2. Approval to use the supply will be granted or denied after receipt of the required information listed below.
  3. The following items must be submitted to CCHD:
    • Well/Pump Completion Form
    • Water Quality Analysis
    • Sewage Final Approval Date (if applicable)
    • and in some cases, "As-builts" may be required.
    The property owner is responsible for providing this paperwork.

  4. The CCHD well permit number, property owner's name, site address and township must be indicated on the Water Quality Analysis, and the Well/Pump Completion Form. Reports submitted which do not comply with the above requirement will not be accepted and approval to use the well will not be granted. If approval is not granted, the well cannot be used.
  5. Upon completion of an individual, semi-public, or public well and/or installation of pumping equipment, or alterations, repair or maintenance work, the well shall be pumped continuously until the water discharged is clear. The well shall then be disinfected according to §501.10.
  6. A CCHD-licensed well driller, trained PA DEP-certified laboratory employee, or a CCHD licensed pump installer must collect all water samples. Water samples are to be analyzed for the parameters in§501.13.
  7. A PA DEP-certified laboratory must conduct all bacteriological, physical, and chemical analyses. All tests, however, shall be conducted in accordance with recommended procedures outlined in the most current approved edition of Standard Methods of Analysis, and results must be reported in units and manner prescribed. All test results must be submitted in their original form; no photocopies or facsimiles will be accepted.
  8. Additional analysis and/or treatment of the well water may be required if test results do not meet County Regulations. Additional analyses may also be required if the well is located in an area of suspected ground water contamination such as a superfund site, or if the Department has reasons to suspect that harmful substances may be present in the water that could have adverse effects on human health, safety, or comfort.
  9. Any well which is intended to serve as a potable water supply must have a minimum yield in accordance with §501.11
  10. The well must have an insect-resistant well cap.
  11. The actual location/construction of the permitted well must be inspected by a representative of the Chester County Health Department. If water treatment is required, the treatment unit must also be inspected.
  12. Neither the Chester County Health Department nor the well driller is responsible for the quantity or quality of the water supply.