Permits for On-Lot Sewage Disposal Systems

A permit is required for new systems, repairs or modifications to existing systems.

Permits are not required if the item to be repaired can be done without the use of digging equipment. This includes exposed lateral end extensions and exposed tank lids. Call the Sewage Enforcement Officer for your area.

Permits for on-lot sewage disposal systems are classified below:

New Construction Permit

Major Permit

- Soil testing must be performed for all new major permits.
  • For installation of approved on-lot sewage system technology to service a new structure.
  • For service to an existing structure that does not have an existing sewage disposal system. This includes structures originally serviced by holding tanks.

Minor Permit

- For installation of new, commercial, permanent holding tanks or interim holding tanks.


- Installation of replacement components of an existing on-lot sewage disposal system. Repairs are classified as:
  • Major Permit

    applies when the replacement of existing sewage absorption areas and other components of a system is required. Replacement of absorption areas for reasons other than malfunctions or unsatisfactory system certifications are considered as "new" and will follow the requirements and fees prescribed for new construction. Soil Testing is required.
  • Minor Permit

    : applies when the replacement of existing components of an on-lot sewage disposal system does not require soil testing. This type of repair is completed when existing components are damaged or considered to be unsatisfactory, or otherwise required to be replaced in the same location as the original component.


is a minor permit for relocation of existing components (other than absorption areas) of an on-lot sewage disposal system that is not damaged or deemed unsatisfactory - or the addition of components to a system that were not installed with the original system. This includes tank risers, additional tanks or treatment devices (e.g.: Zabel Filters), or relocating tanks for some other convenience.

Permit Documents

  • Record/Rider Form
  • Site Investigation and Percolation Test Report form (when soil testing is required)
  • Application for an On-Lot Sewage Disposal System Permit
  • Specifications for Proposed System (for Major Permits)
  • Specifications for Minor Permits (Minor Repairs and Modifications)
  • System specific specification or data sheets (Holding Tanks, Pump Spec Sheets)
  • Applicable CCHD approved easements, release agreements or technology acknowledgement