Direct Purchases with Municipalities

In accordance with the provisions of Act of July 12, 1972, No. 180, P.L. 762, as amended, of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the County of Chester has adopted a resolution which permits participating municipalities to purchase off contracts for goods, materials or equipment entered into by the County. The County has also enacted an Ordinance in accordance with the provision of the Act of December 19, 1996, P.L. 1158, No. 177, Section I which authorizes joint purchases with private or parochial schools and human services agencies (such as member libraries of the Chester County Library System) on contracts which the County has awarded for its own purposes. Bidders understand and agree to the following:

  • The purchase requirements of the participating municipalities, schools or non-profit human services agencies (referred to hereafter as "participating entities") are not included in the quantities shown in the bid package.
  • Participating entities are to be offered the same prices, terms and conditions as those contained in any agreement between the County and the successful bidder resulting from this bid, including direct delivery to their facility.
  • Participating entities will be responsible for placing and payment of their orders directly with the successful bidder.
The County of Chester will not be responsible in any way for any order placed by a participating entity.

Please contact the Department of Procurement & General Services for further information.