About BLR

The primary purpose of the Bureau of Land Records (BLR) is to verify UPI numbers as stated on various land record instruments. The use of the Uniform Parcel Identifier (UPI) for referencing land record instruments has been an important initiative in Pennsylvania since 1988. The documents are then indexed by UPI number in the Recorder of Deeds system and cross-referenced with other key records such as GIS maps, Assessment data and location addresses from the County's E-911 program.

The BLR completed the implementation of the UPI program on Feb 5, 2001. Since that time, the UPI number has been required on all instruments, except Uniform Commercial Codes (UCC) and some Power of Attorneys (POA), prior to recordation. In addition, the County collects a $15 UPI fee for each UPI included on an instrument. The UPI program is a joint effort of the Recorder of Deeds Office and the County's GIS department. 

The UPI program is a first critical step in land record's modernization.
Benefits of the UPI number include:

  • provides additional means of indexing key land records
  • provides other means of completing a "chain of title" (the UPI number becomes "searchable" like a Tract Index in other locations)
  • shortens the lag time in the record update process--Recorder of Deeds, through DCIS/GIS, to Assessment and beyond
  • improves the linkage to other important records, such as cadastral maps and assessment records
  • allows for "spatial querying" [e.g., requesting a list of UPI numbers, with deed book and page, for all current instruments abutting the 200 block of South Main Street].

For assistance in obtaining or verifying a UPI number, call  610-344-4561 or 610-344-5968 or email [email protected]