Friends of Chester Valley Trail

On October 4, 2016, the Friends of Chester Valley Trail were recognized by the County Commissioners for their significant contributions to the trail's operations and development. They were acknowledged for their most recent and significant accomplishment - contributing 100% of the funds for safety improvements to the Foundry Way intersection located in East Whiteland Township. Signage and line striping were installed and applied to PennDOT standards by an outside contractor at a total improvement cost of $6500. The Friends are also funding a traffic study to further improve safety at that intersection.

Formation of the Friends of the Chester Valley Trail

In 2010, a group of volunteers became interested in forming a Friends Group for the Chester Valley Trail. The group is dedicated to all things related to the trail. Initial objectives are: 

  • Acting as a conduit for suggesting improvements
  • Alerting the department to emerging conflicts or problems along the trail
  • Providing assistance in reducing trail maintenance costs or providing additional amenities, with volunteer projects
  • Working with the department and commercial businesses to make adjoining shops more trail-friendly
In particular, the group continues to look for representation from local municipalities, recreational groups (bicyclists, hiking and jogging clubs), commercial businesses in adjoining shopping centers, and residents and representatives from large neighborhoods or homeowners associations or who use the trail regularly.

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