About GIS Services

Chester County incorporates the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in several departments and agencies that use geographic data in their key business functions. Geographic Information Systems integrate spatial data (maps) and tabular data (databases) through computer technology.

Basemap Maintenance

GIS staff is responsible for providing land record support to several county departments, as well as to taxpayers and real estate professionals. GIS staff verifies information from deeds and plans when new parcels from subdivisions are recorded in the County. Our information is forwarded to the Assessment Office and, in return, we make updates to the IAS (Integrated Assessment System) to keep the County’s tax roll current and accurate.

Subdivision plans that have four or more lots are GPS’d (Global Positioning System); the data is collected, things such as monuments, iron pins and wooden stakes are verified from the plan to the field, and then are post processed so parcel lines can be accurately depicted on the County’s Cadastral Parcel layer.

The GIS group also maintains the road centerline mapping layer. These updates consist of road name and geometry changes. These edits support the Department of Emergency Services (DES). Other dispatch related mapping layers such as response zones, fire stations and hydrants are also maintained by GIS staff.

GIS staff are responsible for maintaining the situs (physical location) address data in the address tables of the Bureau of Land Records database. This situs address information, which is assigned and provided by the County’s 73 municipalities, is used by DES and Verizon for E911 dispatching purposes. It is also used by Enterprise GIS users for geocoding and map display via layers such as Parcel Publish. Reports are available for providing address information back to the municipalities.

GIS also maintains several enterprise GIS layers, including Parcels, Subdivisions, Parks, Municipal Boundaries, Voting Precincts and Zoning. These layers, updated daily, support applications such as ChescoViews and ChescoPIN.

GIS Services
The GIS Services staff provides Enterprise GIS support by advocating for the application of GIS concepts in support of business processes that provide GIS project and data creation for County departments. We also work with non-county agencies for data and information sharing efforts (GIS Pro’s, PA Map, PASDA, DVRPC).