Sex Offender Program

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The Sex Offender Program of Chester County Adult Probation and Parole Department is an intensive supervision unit. This unit’s mission is to stop sexual abuse. The Sex Offenders Unit complies with all requirements of Megan’s Law and the Adam Walsh Act of 2011 including registration of sex offenders and collection of DNA samples.

Offenders must be ordered by the Court to participate in this Program. The Program is appropriate for any offender convicted of a sexually based offense. The assigned Probation Officer Specialists will conduct a home inspection on all Parole cases prior to release to ensure proper supervision strategies and develop a reentry plan to assist offender’s re-assimilation back to the community.

Supervision Requirements
Once ordered to participate in the Program, the offender will undergo a risk assessment to determine the entry level of supervision. There are 3 supervision categories for this Program:
  • High Risk - the client must be seen minimally on a weekly basis which may include at least 1 surprise or unannounced home visit every month.
  • Medium Risk - clients will be seen in person at least twice per month which will include 1 surprise or unannounced personal contact at the client’s home every quarter.
  • Low Risk - clients will be seen at least once per month with 1 surprise or unannounced personal contact at their home every quarter.
These supervision levels are always subject to change based on the Officers re-assessments given bi-annually as well as their own observations of the defendant’s behaviors and activities. The Probation Officers interact frequently with the treatment provider and are often present at the therapy sessions. All offenders under supervision must comply with treatment ordered polygraphs as an added tool to ensure compliance with conditions.