Reentry Services

The Chester County Adult Probation and Parole Department provides reentry services to all offenders paroled from the Chester County Prison and other local institutions. Service’s vary but usually includes help with housing, treatment, transportation, and employment. The mission of our Reentry Unit is to provide a bridge for offenders from incarceration to the community so that the transition is seamless and beneficial to the offender and their families. Reentry Officers connect with our local communities and develop relationships with employers, landlords, and mentors to help assist offenders with this transition.


All offenders on parole or on probation are eligible for reentry services. Referrals are often made by prison counselors, Probation and Parole Officers, or the offenders themselves. Court orders are not necessary. No offender will be turned down who is in need of services. Services are most often rendered to those medium to higher needs offenders, however no offender in need will be overlooked.