Phase 1

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Phase One involves successful completion of residential treatment (if recommended) with monthly visits by Recovery Court Officer. Successful completion of an approved aftercare plan developed before discharge from residential treatment will be required which may include half-way house participation. Those not recommended for residential treatment will be required to be fully participating in recommended treatment that may include outpatient, intensive outpatient and/or partial hospitalization treatment.

Successful completion of all required programs will be required throughout the entire program which may include, but are not limited to, obtaining a high school equivalency diploma, anger management counseling, domestic violence counseling, family counseling or parenting classes and mental health assessment and treatment.

Electronic Home Monitoring, drug sweat patches and electronic sleep monitoring devices may be ordered as a component of Phase 1 or at any other time during the program.

Participants In Compliance

Participants who are in compliance with Phase One requirements will be eligible for certain incentives, which may include:
  • gift cards
  • small tokens
  • reward certificates to be used in drawings


Non-compliance (infractions) will be dealt with swiftly at Court Reviews. Sanctions will include:
  • verbal reprimands
  • modifications of treatment plan
  • imposition of a curfew
  • attend additional court sessions
  • community service
  • electronic home monitoring
  • incarceration
  • issuance of a bench warrant
  • termination from the program
Sanctions are designed to correct minor infractions and to prevent major infractions while allowing participants to remain in the program.

Individual program infractions will not be considered a violation, but may be considered by the recovery court presiding judge as part of a course of conduct resulting in termination of participation in the Recovery Court program.

Should participation be terminated, the participant will be subject to the imposition of a re-sentence by the Recovery Court presiding Judge after receiving all applicable procedural formalities. Should a participant request termination of their participation in Recovery Court, the request will be made in writing by the participant and the participant shall not be entitled to a violation hearing, a re-sentence shall take place pursuant to applicable sentencing formalities only.

Following completion of residential treatment and for those not recommended for residential treatment, participants will be involved with intensive supervision by the Recovery Court Officer with participant’s progress monitored at weekly Court reviews.

Phase 1 Requirements

  • Participation in and compliance with recommended treatment
  • Participation in the random drug and alcohol testing system
  • Weekly meetings with the Recovery Court Officer for the 1st 6 months of supervision (after completion of residential treatment if required)
  • Weekly Court Reviews for the 1st 6 months of supervision (after completion of residential treatment if required).
  • Obtain or maintain full time employment or other productive daily activity
  • Verifiable 12 step meeting participation and obtain a sponsor
Participants are expected to complete 6 successful months before graduation to Phase Two, including 90 days of sobriety, compliance with reporting, compliance with and progress in treatment, continued employment or productive daily activity, continued 12 step attendance and contact with sponsor.