Enhanced Supervision Program

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General Description

The Enhanced Supervision Program (ESP) Unit provides specialized services to proactively supervise high risk or repeat domestic batterers and to enhance the safety of domestic abuse victims. The ESP Officer works as a team maintaining cooperative interaction with state and local law enforcement, prosecutors, victim advocacy programs and the Batterer Intervention Services.


This Unit supervises those persons who are high risk or repeat domestic batterers. Participants are required to attend domestic violence/anger management counseling. One must be court ordered to be under the supervision of this unit.

Supervision Requirements

Offenders court ordered into ESP are under intensive, strict supervision and must submit to random drug/alcohol testing, Domestic Violence/ Anger Management counseling, and unannounced contacts at their homes, work or other field locations. The ESP Officer maintains a minimum of 4 offender contacts per month. The ESP Officer utilizes the offices risk assessment tool, as well as their own observations of the offender’s behaviors and activities to determine level of overall supervision including number of monthly contacts.

The ESP Officers also maintain contact with the victim(s) in the case if warranted. ESP Officers will also maintain relationships with local Police agencies to verify that the offender is law abiding in his/her community. The ESP Officer will attend treatment, intervention sessions on a monthly basis to assure the offenders compliance. Contact requirements can be restructured after the offender demonstrates stability in the community, compliance with the conditions and successful participation in the Domestic Violence/ Anger Management Batterer Intervention Program. The offender is required to successfully complete a minimum of sixty (60) hours of domestic violence counseling.