Drug Court

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Chester County Drug Court is a pretrial disposition program that provides court supervision and treatment to eligible justice involved individuals with a substance use disorder. The program has been successful by combing prompt and effective treatment with intensive judicial supervision. Drug Court is a voluntary program and upon successful completion of the program, participants are eligible for dismissal, and expungement of current charges.  Drug Court is a collaborative effort among the Court, District Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, Department of Drug and Alcohol Services, and Adult Probation, Parole and Pretrial Services Department. Additional information can be found in our handbook which is linked below.

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The applicant must have a substance use disorder and be charged with a non-mandatory drug offense, non-violent offense and/or a 1st offense DUI with a drug offense. The applicant must not currently be under probation/parole supervision and have no prior record for violent offenses. The applicant must apply at the earliest opportunity, waive their right to a preliminary hearing and any pretrial litigation.

Ineligible Offenses for Participation in Drug Court

Application Process

The client, or a person acting on behalf of the client, must complete the Drug Court application, an ARD application (for DUI charges) (See application link above). A drug and alcohol assessment must be completed by the client at a site designated by the Chester County Department of Drug and Alcohol. The assessor will determine if the applicant meets clinical eligibility. If clinically eligible, the District Attorney’s Office will determine legal eligibility. Provided both eligibility standards are met, the applicant, with advice from their attorney, must voluntarily agree to participate in the program. 

If deemed appropriate for the program, the Court imposes a pre-trial disposition, “Disposition in lieu of Trial or Criminal Punishment”, 35 P.S. Sec. 780-118.

Case Disposition

Drug Court is a pretrial diversion program that is a minimum of 12 months, up to two years in lengthen. Upon successful completion of the Drug Court Program, the client is eligible to have all the current charges dismissed and petition to court to have record expunged.