Adult Probation Programs / Services

Adult Probation and Parole services are designed to provide effective supervision to a diverse population of justice-involved individuals. Our goal is to promote public safety by providing interventions that bring about long-term positive change in individuals under supervision.
Adult probation/parole officers provide intake, assessment, referral and supervision services to individuals sentenced to County terms of probation and/or parole. In order to ensure appropriate supervision, individuals are classified and supervised based upon their assessed risk and need classification. Accurate assessment is the foundation for targeting individual service needs and making appropriate intervention referrals. Throughout the assessment, classification and case supervision process adult probation/parole officers engage clients through a positive reinforcement supervision model. Motivational interviewing, client engagement and case planning are primary activities probation officers use to develop positive working relationships with individual to increase the likelihood that they comply with and ultimately complete their term of supervision.
In addition, Chester County Adult Probation & Parole operates a number of specialized units designed for specific populations.