Dog License


All dogs three months of age and older living in Pennsylvania must be licensed by January 1 of each year. Violators will be cited up to $300 per violation, plus court costs. There are two types of licenses.

Chester County Treasurer's Office, Attn: Dog License, 313 West Market St. Suite 3202, PO Box 2748, West Chester, PA 19380

 Lifetime Dog License

  • A lifetime license is a one time purchase for any dog with a microchip.
  • Print Lifetime dog license application and Permanent ID Verification form. Mail in with payment.
  • Either the veterinarian or SPCA can scan or insert a microchip. They will complete the lower portion of the Verification form.
  • Be sure the veterinarian includes their BV license number. The SPCA has a kennel license number.
  • The microchip number is then written on top of the verification form.
  • Both forms must be returned to the Treasurer’s office within 30 days of the earliest date on either application.

Other Information


To transfer a lifetime or annual dog license, send the license number and your personal information to the county that the license was issued. List the new county and address in which the dog will be licensed. The information will then be forwarded to the new treasurer for issuance. The cost of this transaction is $1 payable to the treasurer of each county. Please make a check out to each county treasurer. A transfer can only be made to counties that use the PA Dog License System. Please check the drop-down box for participating counties.

We cannot complete a change of ownership or a transfer of a license unless we have written permission with a signature from the owner of the current license.


A duplicate tag can be obtained by written request, accompanied by a fee of $1.50 made payable to Chester County Treasurer. Please include a copy of the license, or as much information from the original application. Tags can be obtained immediately at our office. 
If you need a copy of the license, please call our office or email.


Regular Fees

  • Male/Female $8.50 
  • Neutered Male $6.50 
  • Spayed Female $6.50 

Persons with Disability/Senior Citizen Fees**

  • Male/Female $6.50 
  • Neutered Male $4.50 
  • Spayed Female $4.50 

Lifetime License Fees *

  • Male/Female $51.50 
  • Neutered Male $31.50
  • Spayed Female $31.50 

Lifetime (Persons with Disability/Senior Citizen) Fees **

  • Male/Female $31.50 
  • Neutered Male $21.50
  • Spayed Female $21.50 
*Lifetime license requires a dog to be microchipped. The PIVF must be filled out by the vet or licensed rescue and returned to the Treasurer's Office within 30 days.

**To qualify for a disability license, please provide a copy of your handicap placard or equivalent proof of disability.
   To qualify for a senior license, you must be 65 years or older and provide proof of age.

For purchases of any license by check when the County is the payee, make checks payable to "Chester County Treasurer".