Fishing Opportunities

Chester County Parks administers over 4600 acres of public access open space, with several sites offering year-round fishing opportunities. A current Pennsylvania fishing license, issued by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC), is required in all Chester County Park locations. Current Trout/Salmon stamps are also required when fishing for Trout.

The PFBC's Borrow a Rod and Reel tackle loaner program is available at Hibernia County Park, Nottingham County Park and Springton Manor Farm.
Black Rock Sanctuary
Phoenixville, PA

Managed by Warwick County Park, Black Rock Sanctuary is well-known locally for its Largemouth Bass fishing in the one-acre pond, which was created during the river desilting era of the late 1950’s to early 1970’s. This warm water pond is located in the center of a 0.8 mile interpretive trail loop. An easy walk from the parking lot down the Interpretive Trail leads to a fishing deck. The pond is not artificially stocked; therefore, catch and release fishing practices are required for continued fishing opportunities. Largemouth Bass are the main attraction, but Sunfish and Bluegills abound to entertain the children as well.
A young boy fishing off the shore of Black Rock Santuary
Hibernia County Park
Wagontown, PA

Hibernia County Park is well-known for the West Branch of the Brandywine Creek, which flows for three miles through the park. The Creek averages 20-30 feet wide and 18-36 inches deep. It moves quickly around many rocks and fallen trees, offering excellent angling possibilities. Predominantly, it is a cold water fishery that is very popular with local anglers.

The West Caln Sportsmen’s Club, in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) and the Parks Department, operates a cooperative fish nursery in the park that annually stocks the creek with Brown, Brook and Rainbow Trout. Additional surprises may include Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass and Sunfish.

At the opening of the season, Hibernia also has a 3/4-acre pond with Bluegills, Largemouth Bass and stocked trout. The pond is limited to children and disabled individuals for the first few weeks of trout season, and opens to the general public after Memorial Day.
A young boy and his father fishing in Hibernia County Park
The 90-acre Chambers Lake is stocked with warm water species, including Panfish, Channel Catfish, Chain Pickerel, and Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass. Chambers is one of only 20 Pennsylvania lakes that is a Panfish Enhancement Area, which regulates number, quality and size of panfish through minimum length limits. It is also one of a select number in the Big Bass Program. Therefore, the lake is catch and release for bass fishing from late April to early June.

A parking area and boat ramp are located off Wagontown Road. Fishing is permitted 24 hours a day. A public fishing pier is open on the Lake’s north side and may be accessed from the Lake Trail. Other shoreline fishing is permitted, but is prohibited from the dambreast.

A bait machine is located behind the park office.
Nottingham County Park
Nottingham, PA

In this rural, southern Chester County park, fishing opportunities are limited to two warm water bodies of water - a small pond and the larger McPherson Lake. These fishing areas are located on opposite sides of the park. Parking is available for both sites and provides easy access to the shoreline.

In the one-acre pond on the park’s east side, an angler may hook Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, Channel Catfish and Brown Bullhead.

Nottingham's 2.5-acre McPherson Lake has Bluegill and Largemouth Bass, and is catch and release only.
Springton Manor Farm
Glenmoore, PA

Two fishing opportunities exist within an easy walk of each other. Indian Run is a small, fast-moving, pristine, cold water resource inhabited by a naturally-reproducing Brown Trout population. Although many anglers head for the bigger, more popular East Branch of the Brandywine Creek, Indian Run can provide a challenging and enjoyable waterway. The stream averages only 10-15 feet in width, but produces good hatches of Mayfly, Stonefly and Caddis Fly species. The average depth is 12-18 inches. Legal-size fish reside in the stream, but most average below the minimum seven-inch state regulation. There is approximately one mile of public access to Indian Run.

Springton also has a small, half-acre farm pond with a depth of approximately 7 1/2 feet. Like many warm water ponds, its main fishery includes Bluegill and Largemouth Bass. The pond is a popular family fishing area, and a great place to introduce children to the sport. The pond is catch and release only.
A family fishing in Nottingham County Park
A yong boy proudly displaying the fish he caught
Struble Trail
Off Norwood Road in Downingtown

Administered by Warwick County Park, Struble Trail runs parallel to almost three miles of the East Branch of the Brandywine Creek. Permission from local property owners allows anglers many opportunities for fishing enjoyment.There is a delayed harvest area from the Shelmire Road parking area up to the Dolan Mill parking area.

The East Branch of the Brandywine is similar to the West Branch in size and natural makeup. It is stocked primarily with trout by the PA Fish and Boat Commission and the Brandywine Trout and Conservation Club. Both Brown and Rainbow Trout are stocked before and during the regular fishing season.

There is also the chance of hooking Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass and Sunfish. It has been reported that some members of the Pike family inhabit the East Branch of the Brandywine south of Marsh Creek State Park, perhaps from being washed down from Marsh Creek Lake.
Warwick County Park
Pottstown, PA

Warwick features an ADA accessible fishing deck along the French Creek. Two miles of this pristine water way meander through the park averaging 15-20 feet wide and 18-24 inches deep. Classified as a cold water fishery, the French Creek hosts both cold water and warm water species. Annually, the PFBC stocks Rainbow and Brown Trout. The public, particularly children, are encouraged to help the PFBC and park staff deliver the fish throughout the fishery. Anglers may also hook a few warm water species such as Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass, Sunfish and an occasional Pickerel.

The Coventryville Trout Club sponsors annual fishing rodeos for children 15 years and younger. All trout stocked by the Club are raised in their local fish nursery.

Groups of fishermen line the banks of French Creek