Visual Aids

Visual Aids include educational display models, interactive tools, and other health teaching resources. These materials are available to assist teachers, school nurses and other health professionals in delivering health education programs in a variety of settings. For information on borrowing any of these aids, read the Visual Aids Lending Policy. Call 610-344-6490 or email us to request materials.

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Chronic Disease

Tar Jar
Mr. Gross Mouth
Death of a Lung
Mr. Dip Lip
Smoked Lung
Effects of Smoking on the Fetus
Tobacco Teaching Kits (K-3, 4-6, 7-12)
Skin Pathology
Intestinal Heart
Diabetes Mellitus
The Pancreas
Heart Disease Model
Bone Structure (normal vs. osteoporotic)
HIV/AID Death of an Immune System


Tri-fold Displays

Daily Fat Recommendations
One Pound of Fat
One pound of muscle
A Days Worth of Fat
Test Tube Displays
  • Fat in Foods
  • How much Salt
  • How much Sugar
  • Fat Facts
  • Good source of Calcium
Body Mass Index
Colorectal Cancer Prevention
Diabetes Prevention
Dog Safety
How to Introduce your Dog to a new Baby
Fall Prevention
Importance of Exercise
Lyme Disease Prevention
Overweight and Obesity
Poison Prevention
Sun Safety (for Youth)
Skin Cancer – Youth and Adults
What You Should Know About Skin Cancer
The ABC'S of Smoking
Secondhand Smoke
The Consequences of Smoking
Smokeless Tobacco – (Eng & Spanish)
Various Tobacco Posters