Chester County, Pennsylvania
County of Chester
313 West Market Street
West Chester, PA 19380

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Solicitor's Office
Contact Information
313 W. Market Street, Suite 6702
P.O. Box 2748
West Chester, PA 19380-0991
Ph: 610-344-6195
Thomas L. Whiteman, Esq., Solicitor

Mission Statement
To commence and prosecute all suits brought, or to be brought, by the county, wherein or whereby any rights, privileges, property claims or demands of the county are involved. Also to defend all actions or suits brought against the county, perform all duties now enjoined by law upon county Solicitors, and do all and every professional act and render advice incident to the office which may be required of him by the Commissioners pursuant to the relevant provision of the County Code.

Goals and Objectives
To provide legal guidance through oral and written opinion and prepare or review contracts, agreements, resolutions, ordinances, deeds and leases for county departments.

To provide legal advice and representation to the commissioners, executive departments and agencies of the county not under authority of an elected official.

Primary Objectives:
To improve the provision of legal services to all departments that the Solicitor’s Office represents in an expeditious manner.

Organizational Chart
Solicitors Org Chart

Chester County