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Chester County Water Resources Authority
601 Westtown Road, Suite 260
P.O. Box 2747
West Chester, PA 19380-0990
Phone: 610-344-5400
Fax: 610-344-5401

County-wide Water Conditions 
Click on the "water drop" to access the latest information on drought status and county-wide water conditions for Chester County or select from the following list: 

What's New

  • PA DEP Documents for Review NEW

  • Interactive Online Water Resources Mapping Tools Available  NEW
    • CCWRA created online map products to assist residents, municipalities, businesses, and visitors by providing a "self-serve" way to view maps of the water resources of Chester County. These maps are interactive and do not require special software or plugins. Information provided includes whether streams are polluted/impaired, if there are regulatory mandates for water quality improvements (TMDLs) and other information related to stream health.

  • Chester County 2014 Impaired Waters Map Series (Impairments as of 2014 PADEP Report)
    • The 2014 Pennsylvania Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report lists the most recent stream impairments in Pennsylvania. CCWRA updated the Chester County Impaired Waters Map Series showing the latest stream impairments in Chester County from this report.
    • Of the 2,348 miles of streams in Chester County, PADEP routinely assesses 1,394 stream miles using an assessment methodology approved by the U.S. EPA to determine if a stream is meeting water quality standards. In the 2014 report, PADEP listed 770 miles of streams in Chester County as impaired, which means they do not meet water quality standards and are considered "polluted". 

  • Volunteer Opportunity: Participate in the Volunteer Rainfall Observer Network
    • We are seeking volunteers to participate in the Chester County Volunteer Rainfall Observer Network.  Volunteers are responsible for taking readings of a rain gage daily and after significant precipitation events, manually recording the readings, and submitting the log on a monthly basis by e-mail or postal mail.  CCWRA compiles the data for analysis, and the updated results are posted on the CCWRA website.  A 3-inch diameter plastic rain gage is provided at no cost to the volunteers.  The volunteer is responsible for mounting the rain gage to a post or other suitable location at their home.  An ideal volunteer is committed to recording --- on a daily basis --- consistent and accurate measurements, and willing to participate as a volunteer for years.  If you are interested in finding out more about the Network or to become a volunteer, please contact the CCWRA at 610-344-5400.

  • Stormwater Management for Small Projects: What a Homeowner Needs to Know

  • County-Wide Act 167 Stormwater Management Plan 
    • The County-wide Act 167 Plan was approved (as submitted) by PADEP on July 2, 2013. ALL Chester County municipalities have now updated and adopted ordinances (or the equivalent requirements included in the Plan) to improve stormwater management throughout their municipality.

  • MapShed Model for the Christina Basin
    • CCWRA, with support from Dr. Barry Evans, has developed a watershed model using MapShed to support the Christina Basin TMDL Implementation Partnership efforts. For more information, please see our Christina Basin TMDL Implementation page.

  • EPA Initiatives:
    • EPA Healthy Watersheds - Provides information on tools to identify and protect healthy watersheds and their components.
    • EPA SepticSmart - Tools and resources to help homeowners manage their septic systems.

  • Popular Publications:

Our Mission

The mission of the Chester County Water Resources Authority is to provide flood protection, reservoir water supplies, and water science, information and planning to the citizens of Chester County so that they may live in safe, healthy and prosperous communities that sustain the natural quality, quantity and biodiversity of the County's water resources.

Upcoming Events

October 13 (workshop for non-engineers), 14 and 15, 2015  
Villanova University Stormwater Partnership
PA Stormwater Symposium 

Right To Know Information

Click here for the Chester County Water Resources Authority's Right-to-Know information. This is solely for requests to the Chester County Water Resources Authority. Any requests intended for the County of Chester must follow the procedures posted on the County Of Chester's Open Records Law webpage (click here).

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