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Solid Waste Management
Chester County is one of the fastest growing counties in Pennsylvania, continuing to attract new residents, businesses and industries. Growth has been faster than anticipated. With growth comes the pressure of additional waste tonnage that needs to be disposed of in a long-term environmentally safe manner, reused or recycled.

Through the Solid Waste Management program, Chester County is mandated by PA Act 101 to develop, implement and monitor formal plans for managing municipal wastes. The Chester County Health Department serves as the coordinator between the County Commissioners and the two designated landfill authorities. Plans are subject to municipal ratification and PA Department of Environment Protection approval. Chester County must ensure 10 years of available disposal capacity and establish a post-closure care trust fund for landfills. All municipal wastes that are produced in Chester County must be disposed at one of the two designated landfills operated by either the Chester County Solid Waste Authority or the Southeast Chester County Refuse Authority (SECCRA), or have written permission from one of the authorities to dispose of wastes at an approved by-pass facility.

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Chester County Municipal Solid Waste Plan Revision - October, 2012

Chester County Municipal Solid Waste Plan Revision - December, 2010

Chester County Municipal Solid Waste Plan Revision - August 2009 

Chester County Designated Site Ordinance

Chester County Solid Waste Plan - March, 2007

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