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Transportation Planning
Funding & Programming

Priority Projects2013 Transportation Priority Projects
As input towards the development of the 2015 Transportation Improvement Program, the Chester County Planning Commission has updated this list of Transportation Priority Projects.

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is the regionally agreed-upon list of priority transportation projects, as required by federal law. The TIP shows estimated costs and schedule by project phase and is financially constrained based on the amount of federal, state, and local funds that will be available for transportation projects in the region. The TIP includes roadway, bridge, public transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and freight related transportation projects. The TIP is adopted by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC), which is the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Philadelphia--Camden--Trenton Metropolitan Area. The TIP can be amended after it is adopted and is updated every two years. For an overview of the TIP, how it was developed, and how you can become involved, see TIP - A Guide for Municipal Officials, Special Interest Groups and Citizens.

2013 Transportation Improvements Inventory (TII)
TIIThe Transportation Improvements Inventory (TII) is a comprehensive record of known transportation needs and projects within Chester County. The TII is updated biennially and contains projects that have been recommended to the Planning Commission by municipalities and other stakeholders over time. It includes 441 proposed roadway, bridge, bicycle and pedestrian, freight, and transit projects with a total estimated cost of $4.7 billion.

Use the PennDOT Project ID (MPMS #) listed in the TII to gather up-to-date information for specific projects from the following websites: PennDOT Project ID (MPMS #) Search and DVRPC Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Search and Online Mapping.

Projects & Plans

Chester County Public Transportation Plan
The Chester County Planning Commission (CCPC) in partnership with the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) is developing a county-wide Public Transportation Plan to guide transit operations and capital improvements in Chester County. The DRAFT Public Transportation Plan will be posted for public review and comment from mid-April through May, and is targeted for completion in the summer of 2014. The County will then begin the process of adopting the plan as an element to Landscapes2, Chester County’s Comprehensive Plan.

resurfacingPennDOT’s Planned Roadway Maintenance
The PennDOT 2012/2013 Resurfacing Map and the PennDot 2013 Seal Coating Map show state-owned roadway segments in Chester County that will receive maintenance. Lane closures and updated schedule information is available in PennDOT's Weekly Traffic Bulletin.

Central Chester County Bicycle and Pedestrian Circulation Plan
cccbikeped.jpgThe Chester County Planning Commission worked with seven municipalities to prepare a coordinated action plan to address transportation, public health, and the environment through improvements to walking, bicycling, and public transportation. The Central Chester County Bicycle & Pedestrian Circulation Plan identified "missing links" in the transportation systems plus cost estimates and priorities for implementation. The plan also made regulatory recommendations for local ordinances and official maps. Please click here to see the Central Chester County Bike and Pedestrian Plan.

TrailImages.jpgChester County Trail Projects
Chester County is working to advance construction of two multi-use trails within the County to enhance regional trail connections. For more information about the trails visit Chester County Parks & Recreation.

Existing Surfaced Trails Map

surfaced trailsThe Planning Commission completed a trails inventory based on adopted municipal plans and studies. The project included coordination with land trusts, conservancies, other County Departments, and 73 municipalities to verify the data. The inventory includes 292.5 miles of existing surfaced trails in 56 Chester County municipalities. View the map. To review all existing trails within the County please view the County Profiles: County Transportation Features Map.

US 202 Section 300 - Commute Alternatives
The Guide to Commuter Options U.S. 202 - Great Valley Area brochure includes information about share-a-ride, park-n-ride lots, and transit services in the Great Valley area. These options provide alternatives for commuters and other motorists to avoid congestion, particularly during the current construction on US 202. For more PennDOT information, visit

Atglen Station Concept Plan
atglenThe Atglen Station Concept Plan identifies the preferred station arrangement, parking, bicycle and pedestrian amenities for a new train station in Atglen Borough. The Plan includes station renderings, a conceptual operating plan for SEPTA service to Coatesville, Parkesburg, and Atglen, a rail improvement plan, and cost estimates.

Data & Information

Commuting in Chester CountyCommuting in Chester County: 2006 – 2008
Report presents data describing journey to work characteristics for residents and workers in Chester County. It includes origins and destinations of trips and mode of travel.

ChescoRideGuideChester County Ride Guide

The Chester County Planning Commission in partnership with Chester County Human Services Department, Chester County Department of Community Development, and county transit agencies created a Ride Guide showcasing Chester County’s transit system. The Ride Guide serves as a one-stop resource to inform and direct transit users to the appropriate transit options that address their particular transportation needs. We encourage anyone who is an existing or potential transit user within Chester County to explore what the Ride Guide has to offer.

Traffic VolumeTraffic Volume Estimates 2012 Daily Traffic Volume Estimates
Compilation of traffic volume estimates for 2012 on major roads in Chester County.

Bike Map
Map showing recommended networks of bicycle facilities adopted by the Chester County Planning Commission.

Circulation Handbook
The Circulation Handbook is a tool that can be used to create a balance between accommodating transportation needs and protecting and preserving the environment in Chester County. It is a resource about the design and review of land developments plans for municipalities, planners, designers, and developers. The Handbook identifies commonly accepted design standards and provides policy recommendations for municipal ordinances and transportation studies.

detourpicture100.jpgDetour Description of Emergency Detour Routes
A two-page description of emergency detour routes on expressways that explains the signage of these detour routes, their usage, and provides a link to detour maps.

Who to Call on Highway, Bridge and Traffic matters
This provides contact information for common transportation concerns.

Travel Time Surveys, 2000-2009
Presents a summary of travel time surveys conducted on major roadways in Chester County over the last decade. The data sheet reports county-wide results, specific trends, and identifies major factors affecting travel speeds in Chester County.  Noteworthy from the data sheet, county-wide travel speeds decreased 3.5 miles per hour between 2000 and 2009 based on the seven routes surveyed.

Technical Memorandums
As the County’s long-range transportation plan develops, technical memorandums will be published and made available for public review. Different modes of travel will be addressed with background information, analyses, discussion of issues, and recommendations.


The two Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) in Chester County are non-profit organizations that promote partnerships between the public and private sectors to address transportation issues for employers, employees, and residents. With over 100 partners each, the two TMAs play a critical role in sharing information, advocating for the needs of the business community, and provide transit services.

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