Strategic Plan / Managing for Results

We are committed to supporting our strategic plan that establishes priorities for the future of Chester County and increases accountability, transparency and performance in Chester County Government.

Chester County Commissioners: Kathi Cozzone, Michelle Kichline, Terence Farrell
Commissioner Farrell, Commissioner Kichline and Commission Cozzone
Strategic Priorities
Health, Human Services and Environment
Protect vulnerable people and valuable resources in the community while promoting healthy, environmentally sound, choices.
Public Safety
Ensure safe and secure communities.
Support the growth and development of a strong and vibrant economy for all residents.
Enhance access to, and use of, transportation systems to reduce traffic congestion.
Manage growth and land use to preserve and optimize the quality of life in the community.
Financial Management
Continue to exercise sound financial management and maintain the County's financial strength while minimizing the property tax burden.
Governance Pursue excellence through exceptional customer service, transparency, accountability, and innovation.
BOC Priorities Progress slide 2017 4Q for web
Data is reported by the departments participating in strategic planning. Commissioners' Priority progress is determined by the analysis of each department's reported Activity Result measures as they align to the Commissioners' Priorities.

​Strategic Plans

Strategic plans are presented in the annual adopted budget document. 
Managing for Results
Managing for Results (MFR) makes it possible for Chester County departments to demonstrate accountability to taxpayers. MFR provides a common framework under which strategic planning, budgeting and performance measurements are aligned in a unified process:
 [Adapted from "The Weidner Resource Guide", Weidner, Inc., 1999]