Request a Transcript

to request an an ordinary transcript (see transcript definitions below), the party requesting a full or partial transcript of a trial or other court proceeding shall submit the original Request for Transcript form via email to or to the office of the Court Administrator, Chester County Justice Center, 201 W. Market St, Suite 4100, West Chester, PA 19380. PLEASE provide a phone number on the form where you can be reached to be notified of costs and when the requested transcript is complete.
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To request an expedited, daily, or same day transcript, please contact the Court Reporters directly at 610-344-6985 before submitting a transcript request.

The requesting party shall also serve copies of the formal request to:

  • The judge presiding over the matter
  • Court Reporter
  • opposing counsel or the opposing party if self-represented

The ordering procedure above is for proceedings held in the Court of Common Pleas only.  Please contact the Court Reporters directly to request transcripts of Masters Hearings and District Court level hearings. 

The Court Administrator will notify the requestor of the estimated cost to produce the transcript. A deposit in the amount of 75% of the estimated cost must be submitted to the Court Administrator prior to the transcript being produced. This amount shall be paid by cash, money order, certified check or check from an attorney made payable to the County of Chester and delivered to the court administrator.  

Upon payment of the final balance owed, the Court Reporter shall deliver the original transcript to the appropriate filing office and copies to the parties.  

Costs for original transcripts in bound paper format*

  • Ordinary transcript  - $2.75 per page
  • Expedited transcript, $3.75 per page
  • Daily transcript, $4.75 per page
  • Same day delivery, $6.75 per page
*Requests for original transcripts can ONLY be in paper form. Electronic copies of original transcripts are not available at this time.

Copies of Transcripts

A request for a copy of any transcript previously ordered, transcribed, and filed of record shall be made to the a district court administrator using the request form

  • $.75 per page paper format
  • $.50 per page electronic copy

Additional Costs

The trial judge may impose a reasonable surcharge in cases such as medical malpractice or other unusually complex litigation where there is a need for the court reporter to significantly expand their dictionary. Such surcharges are at the discretion of the trial judge. The court administrator shall notify the requesting party of applicable surcharges.

In Forma Pauperis

Requests to waive fees or receive a reduction in fees MUST be accompanied by an In Forma Pauperis order. In Forma Pauperis Petitions to waive a portion of the transcript costs shall be filed in the appropriate filing office. Download the form and instructions on how to complete the form.


  • Ordinary transcript

     means a transcript necessary for an appeal or to otherwise advance litigation and required under a time frame set by a Pennsylvania Rule of Court regarding the delivery of court transcripts or by court order. An example of a non-ordinary transcript is one requested by a litigant when no matters are open before the court or where the transcript is ordered by a third party.
  • Expedited transcript 

    means a transcript delivered within seventy-two (72) hours of an official request, not including weekends or official court holidays. For the purposes of additional payment, a transcript is an expedited transcript only if it is in fact delivered within the above time limit.
  • Daily transcript 

    means a transcript delivered within eighteen (18) hours of an official request, not including weekends or official court holidays. For the purposes of additional payment, a transcript is a daily transcript only if it is in fact delivered within the above time limit.
  • Same day delivery means transcripts delivered within 6 hours of the close of the court session, divided by morning and afternoon with the line of demarcation being lunch or mid-day recess.
  • Original transcript

     means the document that is initially produced by the court reporter and filed with the appropriate filing office. The requestor receives a copy of the transcript that is file