Field Services Division - Emergency Medical Services 

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On behalf of the County Commissioners, and with the advice of the Chester County EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Council, Inc., the Field Services Division administers a Grant agreement from the Pennsylvania Department of Health-Bureau of EMS (BEMS) to serve as the Regional EMS Council for Chester County.  As per the terms of the Grant, some of the responsibilities of the regional EMS council include:

  • Administering psychomotor certification examinations for all levels of EMS providers;
  • Processing EMS agency licensure applications and performing licensure inspections for all EMS agencies in Chester County;
  • Processing accreditation applications and performing inspections for Medical Command Facilities (each of the County's 5 acute care hospital emergency departments) and processing certification applications for all affiliated Medical Command Physicians;
  • As authorized by BEMS - investigating, documenting, and providing recommendations on EMS complaints;
  • Registering EMS certification and continuing education courses, and processing continuing education course rosters;
  • Collecting and validating EMS patient care report data, and forwarding to BEMS;
  • Performing Continuous Quality Improvement activities related to the regional EMS system;
  • Processing of initial certification materials, and re-registration of certification for all levels of EMS providers;
  • Providing technical assistance and serving as resource for EMS related issues for all EMS system stakeholders.
Additionally, the Field Services Division
  • Assists with planning and resource allocation for Mass Casualty Incident responses, and functions in a variety of roles in staffing the County's Emergency Operations Center;
  • Participates as an active member of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional Task Force Emergency Responder Workgroup - EMS Sub-Committee;
  • Actively participates in Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council activities and committees;
  • Offers EMS related education programs to EMS system stakeholders, County employees and the general public.
Field Services Division Staff

Harry Moore - Deputy Director: / 610-344-5049 (F/T)
Aprille Kronmuller - Quality Analyst/EMS Data / 610-344-4390 (P/T)
John Engle - Emergency Services Instructor: / 610-344-5009 (P/T)
Heather Gulsby-Steiner - Emergency Services Instructor: / 610-344-5009 (P/T)
Ernie Powell - Emergency Services Instructor: (P/T)
Frank Rutan - Emergency Services Instructor; (P/T)
Scott Thorton - Emergency Services Instructor: (P/T)
Dr. Larry Anderson - Regional EMS Medical Director - (P/T)

EMS Council Board of Directors for 2015:

Keith Johnson, President
John Applegate, Vice-President
Frank Piscitello, Secretary
Frank Sullivan, Treasurer