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Voya Financial Services
National Day of Service Projects

Caitlin and Samantha (Sam) are the co-chairs of Voya’s National Day of Service event at the Chester Valley Trail, and worked closely with Owen Prusack, North Region Park Superintendent, to set up and execute five volunteer projects in 2015. Voya’s second annual National Day of Service brought 91 Voya employees as volunteers for the day at the Exton Park site on May 14, 2015, where the group performed a number of grounds maintenance and resource management activities. 

Caitlin and Sam coordinated 30 more volunteers from Voya on four other very productive work days on the Chester Valley Trail and Warwick County Park. These projects involved the gate painting project and the removal of invasive plants and vines at the Trail,  and the maintenance of a ½ mile long riparian buffer at Warwick County Park. The Department benefited greatly from more than 900 volunteer hours in the maintenance and improvement of park natural and recreation resources.  We hope to continue this partnership in 2016 and into the future.

Voya NDS 2015.jpg
Caitlin Donegan and Samantha Mercer of Voya Financial® are shown putting the finishing touches on vehicle restriction gates on the Chester Valley Trail.  
Parks' Newsletter goes electronic
For nearly 25 years, Chester County Parks Department’s Nature of Things newsletter provided quality information on our parks, trails, programs and “all things nature”. The publication was originally designed to communicate information to County residents in the best available medium of the time - a printed newsletter. Thanks to new technology, the Department intends to expand its delivery options to include more internet and email functions.

We continue to be committed to disseminating information on all our wonderful happenings in the parks and on the trails, so Nature of Things is not completely vanishing. The next issue will have a different look and contain predominantly program and event listings. It will be available in printed version at the park offices, but will no longer be distributed by mail.
A cartoon of a thumb tack and note that reads "Email"
If you would like to receive parks and trails updates throughout the year in an electronic version, please submit your request via the online form.

In 2010, the number of issues was reduced to two a year. Due to trends we have noticed in participation, registration, park usage and group outings, we will be returning to three issues in 2016.

We look forward to seeing you in the parks and on the trails!