CCWRA - Beaver Creek Dam Rehabilitation Plan

The Chester County Water Resources Authority (CCWRA) has requested and is receiving assistance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to conduct a detailed evaluation and Planning Study for Beaver Creek Dam through the National Dams Rehabilitation Program.

Beaver Creek Dam is located in East Brandywine Township, and its flood impoundment basin is located in both East Brandywine and West Brandywine Townships. The Beaver Creek Dam provides flood protection for 10 municipalities located throughout the lower East Branch and mainstem Brandywine Creek corridor. The dam was constructed by NRCS in partnership with the Chester County Board of Commissioners, CCWRA and other state and local partners, and is now owned and operated by CCWRA.

Beaver Creek Dam was completed in 1974 to address flood control needs and is currently serving that purpose in a safe and reliable manner. The dam was designed and constructed to meet the dam safety engineering standards in place at that time. Since then, advances in dam safety engineering have resulted in new design standards that are above and beyond those used for Beaver Creek Dam. The purpose of the Planning Study is to evaluate Beaver Creek Dam relative to current (2012) dam safety design standards for NRCS and PA Department of Environmental Protection and to determine what, if any, improvements are needed to meet current dam safety standards. In addition, the Planning Study is evaluating other aspects of the dam that could improve the structural and operational safety of the dam throughout its service life. This Planning Study began in November 2011
and is anticipated to be completed in March 2013.

Beaver Creek Dam Rehabilitation Planning Study Fact Sheet
Materials for Review
We encourage you to review these materials and to contact us if you would like to discuss the Planning Study. We will provide periodic updates as the study proceeds.
Contact Information
For additional information regarding the planning study, please contact
Janet L. Bowers, P.G.
Executive Director
Chester County Water Resources Authority
ph: 610-344-5400