CTIP MS4 TMDL Strategy<br>Final Documents

The "CTIP MS4 TMDL STRATEGY TEMPLATE" is now completed. The final Template text and materials are ready for use in completing the NOI for your General or Individual MS4 permit. The most recent versions of these final documents are dated June 12, 2012. This Template was prepared by Brandywine Valley Association, Chester County Water Resources Authority, and Chester County Conservation District. It represents the best understanding and information available from EPA and PADEP documents and correspondence. However, it has not been reviewed or approved by PADEP. This is an informational document and provides sample text and a series of Excel worksheets with embedded formulas and calculation processes that may assist CTIP Municipalities in recalculating TMDL load allocations and load reductions, and in preparing implementation Plans for Christina Basin stormwater TMDLs. This Template is provided for voluntary use by CTIP Municipalities. The Municipal user assumes all responsibility for calculation results and regulatory compliance associated with the use of this document and the worksheets included.
Please select each part below to view or download:

  1. The Christina Basin MS4 TMDL Plan - Part I - MS4 TMDL Strategy Template (MS Word docx)
    (includingTables 3 and 4)
  2. Figure 1 (PDF) (revised 9/26/12)
  3. Excel Workbook containing: Appendix C (which includes Table 2), and Tables 1, 5, and 6.  (revised 8/23/12)
  4. Appendix A  - List of Municipalities Participating in C-TIP (PDF) (revised 9/26/12)
  5. Appendix B  - PADEP letter dated March 21, 2012 (PDF)

General instructions for how to proceed with MS4 TMDL Strategy Template:

  1. Make sure you are familiar with the Christina Basin TMDL Reports (High Flow) that are applicable to your Municipality.

  2. Read through the NOI permit instructions pertaining to MS4 TMDL Plans.

  3. Gather all of the data and information you will need to complete your MS4 TMDL Strategy, including, but not limited to:

    • Copies of the EPA TMDL Reports (including tables and appendices) (linked at number 1 above)
    • Impaired Streams Information– GIS data (from CCWRA website or PASDA) with location and attribute information. Alternatively, for those without GIS capabilities use PADEP’s online Wave tool to determine impaired stream segments and their associated attributes.
    • Urbanized Area boundary – Use the data layer provided on the CCWRA Web Page or download PDF Maps from PADEP.
    • Other GIS data for mapping/delineation purposes

  4. Most of the effort for completing this MS4 TMDL Strategy will be expended completing Subsection C.VII.b and Subsection C.VIII. Make sure you fully understand the “adjustment” approach that is outlined in Subsection C.VII.b.ii. There are two methods included in the bulleted list and you will need to modify this list so that it reflects the process that your Municipality undertook to adjust its MS4 Allocations.  

  5. If you do not have GIS capabilities you will have a very difficult time performing the necessary spatial analyses for “adjusting” your TMDL Allocations. It is minimal effort to adjust TMDL Allocations using the Urbanized Area approach.  The County GIS Department may be able to assist you for a fee, if you are not already part of their Municipal Consortium.

  6. If you have two TMDL watersheds make sure you have separate Tables 3, 4, and 6 for each TMDL watershed.

  7. After completing the Template make sure all grey shaded text has been either filled in or deleted as appropriate.

Please call Dani-Ella Betz at 610-344-5400 if you have trouble opening any of the Template documents or have any questions about the Template contents.