The Coroner's Office is required to investigate all sudden, violent, traumatic or unexpected deaths. This includes deaths from apparent “natural diseases” but the individual’s treating physician has no knowledge of an existing medical condition that could credibly have caused the sudden death. Under these circumstances, it becomes the Coroner’s responsibility to determine how and why an individual died. The Coroner is also responsible for assuring the individual’s proper identity and that next of kin have been notified.


The Chester County Coroner’s Office has created a Survivors Guide which contains information intended to assist survivors with decision making and helpful solutions during their time of loss.

Coroner's Office Statistics for 2017 *

Manner of Death January February March
Natural 103 79  
Accidental   16   7  
Homicide     0   0  
Suicide   10   1  
Pending     5   9  
Undetermined     0   0  
Non-human Remains     0    0  
Total Cases 134 96  
  January February March
Cremation Requests 263 202  
Autopsy Performed   16 11  
Toxicology Draws Only     9 6  
Organ Donors     8    
*Statistics as of February 28, 2017


2016 Statistics

Accidental Deaths

Type of Accident Total Deaths to date for 2017
Drug Overdose 12
Fall 5
Motor Vehicle Accident 6
Asphyxia 0
Falling Objects  
Total Cases 23


Type of Homicide Total deaths to date for 2017
Blunt force injury 0
Firearm 0
Stabbing 0
Total 0