Conservation District

A logo of a water droplet with the text "Conserving Natural Resources for Our Future"
The Chester County Conservation District helps promote sustainable use of natural resources through educational and technical assistance. Our mission is to provide leadership in addressing natural resource conservation issues by promoting the sustainable use of those resources to the citizens of Chester County through education and technical assistance.
What's New

Conservation Partner Recognized
Kennett Square Golf and Country Club is recognized by CCCD

Conservationist of the Year Awards
Two farms are awarded the Chester County Conservation District's 2015 Conservationist of the Year. For information about their conservation efforts and best management practices click on the following links:
Glenn & Lois Ranck Farm
P&V D'Amico Mushrooms

Homeowner's Guide
The 1st ever Southwestern Pennsylvania's Homeowner's Guide to Stormwater was created by the Westmoreland and Allegheny Conservation Districts & partners.