Courtroom Audio Visual Requests

The Chester County Justice Center has 17 Courtrooms and 8 Hearing rooms. Some, but not all, of these rooms are equipped with state of the art audio visual equipment for use during hearings, trials and other court proceedings. Other rooms are equipped with basic audio visual equipment, and a few other rooms share mobile audio visual equipment requiring advance reservations for use. 

If you wish to reserve audio visual equipment for use during a court proceeding, complete the AV Request form at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled court date. 

Please be aware that completing this form does not guarantee use of equipment on your requested date. Someone will contact you after receiving your request .


Typical Courtrooms have visual and audio presentation systems that include the following:
  • Assisted listening device
  • 4-way videoconferencing*
  • 2-way teleconferencing
  • DVD player*
  • VHS player*
  • Audio cassette player
  • Audio CD player
  • Document camera*
  • Computer connection access
  • Audio/video connection access
  • Projector* that projects onto a 9’ screen visible by Counsel, Witness, Judge, and Jurors

Hearing Room Equipment

Hearing Rooms provide the following:
  • 9’ projection screen
  • Ability to use the following on carts:
    • Document camera
    • 4-way videoconferencing*
    • DVD player*
    • VHS player*
    • Projector for connecting a laptop*
*this equipment requires a reservation because it is not typically available in all courtrooms or hearing rooms.

Document Camera

When scheduled in advance, the Epson document camera can be brought to the courtroom or hearing room. The document camera transmits the image of paper documents, X-rays, negatives, transparencies, and 3-D objects to the projector and screen in the courtroom or hearing room. The camera has zoom features.

Assisted Listening System

Wireless headphones are available on a reservation basis. The headphones amplify proceedings for the hearing impaired.

Videoconferencing System

When scheduled in advance, the videoconferencing system can be brought into the courtroom or hearing room. This system can support up to a total of three remote locations on a single videoconferencing call. Currently only outgoing ISDN-based calls are supported; any IP-to-IP videoconferencing is not supported. Incoming ISDN-based calls can be supported on an as-needed basis.

Computer Connection Access

A connection to the AV system in the courtrooms is available at the Counsel tables and podium for those who use laptop computers. Connection to the system is though a standard 15-pin male VGA cable and a male 1/8” audio cable. This equipment does not support DVI-D, S-Video, or HDMI connections.

Audio/Video Connection Access

A connection to the AV system in the courtrooms is available at counsel tables and the podium for those who have other AV-related equipment. Connection to the system is though standard male composite stereo input and composite video input.


Courtrooms are outfitted with teleconferencing equipment capable of supporting one  remote dial-in site.


Located on the projector cart, a Panasonic DVD/VCR combo is available for playing DVD video discs (DVD±R, DVD±RW, DVD±R DL, DVD-RAM) or VHS tapes (VHS, S-VHS). This equipment does not allow redaction on the fly of different video content.

Denon CD/Tape Player

Located in the courtrooms is a professional-grade Denon DN-T625 CD player and cassette player. The CD player is able to play any audio CD or cassette tape. This equipment is not able to play MP3 or WMA discs. Microcassette tapes cannot be played. No reservation is required, but testing time can be scheduled.

Additional Information

There is no cost to reserve or use the audio/visual equipment. However, Chester County does not provide  personnel to operate the equipment during a trial. Our staff will set up and test the equipment, and troubleshoot if needed, but will not remain in the Courtroom during the trial or hearing.