County-wide PA Act 167 Stormwater Management Plan - Additional Information & Archive

Implementation Workshop Materials and Meeting Summaries
Workshop No. 1 - August 7, 2013
Meeting Materials:
1. Meeting Agenda
2. Handout of Slideshow (PDF)
3. Hazard Mitigation Plan Update - Municipal Information
Workshop No. 1 Meeting Summary

Workshop No. 2 - August 28, 2013

Meeting Materials:
1. Meeting Agenda
2. Slideshow (PDF)
Workshop No. 2 PADEP Answers and Instructions

Workshop No. 3 - September 13, 2013
Workshop No. 3 Meeting Summary


July 2, 2013
PADEP approval.

January 2, 2014
(6 months after PADEP issues letters to municipalities that the County-wide Act 167 Plan has been approved)
ALL Chester County municipalities must adopt the County-wide Act 167 Plan ordinance standards.

September 2014
ALL Chester County municipalities have adopted stormwater ordinances that meet the County-wide Act 167 Plan requirements.


Chester County Board of Commissioners Adopt Plan
The Chester County Board of Commissioners adopted the “County-wide Act 167 Stormwater Management Plan for Chester County, PA” on March 27, 2013.

Public Hearing
Public Hearing was held on March 27, 2013 by the Chester County Board of Commissioners regarding adoption of the “County-wide Act 167 Stormwater Management Plan for Chester County, PA”.

All components of the Public Hearing Final Draft County-wide Act 167 Plan (2/19/13 version) and the Resolution are posted below:
    • Appendix A - Watershed Plan Advisory Committee (WPAC) Members, Meetings and Communications (PDF, 8 pages)
    • Appendix B - Ordinance/Standards Committee Members and Meetings (PDF, 2 pages)
    • Appendix C - Public and Stakeholder Meetings (PDF, 4 pages)
    • Appendix D - County-wide Act 167 Stormwater Management Model Ordinance (PDF, 2.2 MB, 174 pages, 10 color)
    • Appendix E - Matrix of Minimum Mandatory Standards for Municipal Ordinances (PDF, 27 pages)
    • Appendix F - Christina Basin TMDL Implementation Plan (C-TIP) Partnership Members, Meetings, and Communications and Correspondence with PADEP and EPA (PDF, 5 pages)
    • Appendix G - Christina Basin MS4 TMDL Plan (Part 1 - MS4 TMDL Strategy) (PDF, 3.3 MB, 8.5x11, 62 pages, 1 color)
    • Appendix H - Certification of Ordinance Adoption (PDF, 2 pages)

The above documents were available for review in hard copy at the following locations:
  • All Chester County Public Libraries
  • 601 Westtown Road West Chester, PA - Chester County Government Services Center
    • Suite 260 - Chester County Water Resources Authority (Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm)
    • Suite 270 - Chester County Planning Commission (Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm)
    • Chester County Conservation District -688 Unionville Road, Suite 200. Kennett Square, PA
      (Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm)
This Public Hearing Draft County-wide Act 167 Plan represents the collective outcome of 5 years of collaborative work with Chester County municipalities as well as individuals and stakeholder organizations who provided over 4,200 comments through 5 previous review cycles. All inputs, comments and concerns were closely evaluated and incorporated to best reflect the broad range of community and individual interests, circumstances, values, and priorities that exist within the municipalities across Chester County, and to meet the minimum requirements for approval by Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP).

In accordance with the Pennsylvania Stormwater Management Act, 1978 (Act 167), the County-wide Act 167 Plan is being prepared by Chester County to comply with Act 167. Upon completion of the Public Hearing, the County-wide Act 167 Plan will be considered for adoption by the Chester County Board of Commissioners. In addition, in accordance with the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (Act 247), Watersheds and Landscapes2 will be amended to incorporate the County-wide Act 167 Stormwater Management Plan Addendum to Watersheds, An Integrated Water Resources Plan for Chester County, PA and Its Watersheds.

After adoption, the County-wide Act 167 Plan will be submitted to PADEP for their approval. Act 167 further requires that within 6 months following PADEP approval, all Chester County municipalities must adopt the ordinance requirements included in the Plan. A certificate of adoption is to be submitted by each municipality to PADEP.

45-Day Public Review Comment Response Document

The 45-day Public Review period ended on November 26, 2012. More than 160 comments were received. All comments were carefully reviewed and considered. A comment response document was prepared listing each individual comment and providing an explanation of what change was made or why no change was made for each comment. The comment response document is posted below:
As a result of the comments received, revisions were made to the County-wide Act 167 Plan documents. The County-wide Act 167 Plan documents that have been revised are posted below showing all revisions made (using “track-changes”):

April 3, 2013
County-wide Act 167 Stormwater Management Plan submitted to PADEP for final approval.

June 30, 2013 (or before)
Anticipated PADEP approval.

Related Documents
Previous Drafts of the Plan
(10/12/12 VERSION)

45-Day Public Review period occurred October 12, 2012 to November 26, 2012 (Comments were due by November 26, 2012) . The 45 Day Public Review Draft of the Addendum document is provided here as individual sections:


August 2012 Comments Documents:

Track Changes Version of Final Draft (10/12/12 version):

  • 10/12/12 - 45 day review period began.
  • 11/14/12 - Public Informational Meeting in conjunction with CCPC Meeting
  • 11/26/12 - Comments due; 45 day review period ended.
    (8/13/12 VERSION)

    Chester County is required by PA Act 167 Stormwater Management Plan Act of 1978 to prepare a stormwater management plan for all of Chester County's watersheds. The response from municipalities regarding the concept of using a county-wide approach to fulfill the PA Act 167 requirements was favorable, so a County-wide 167 Plan is now underway for the entire area of Chester County and all of its watersheds. The County-wide 167 Plan will be based on and will incorporate Chester County's Watersheds Plan, and will include key provisions from Act 167 plans that were previously approved for individual watersheds.

    The County-wide 167 Plan is being prepared by CCWRA, in conjunction with the Chester County Planning Commission and the Chester County Conservation District. Throughout the County-wide 167 Plan process, extensive feedback has been collected from municipalities and stakeholders through numerous meetings, municipal questionnaires, and review comments on draft documents, and that feedback has been incorporated into the plan documents.

    Municipalities across Chester County are experiencing flooding, stormwater management and/or stormwater pollution problems. Approximately 25% of Chester County's streams are polluted, primarily from stormwater pollutant runoff and stream channel erosion from increased stormwater discharges. Many of Chester County's municipalities are also faced with federal and state stormwater management and water quality regulatory requirements that are complex and difficult to implement.

    The County-wide 167 Plan is being prepared to assist municipalities in addressing these issues. The Plan will help to reduce future flooding and stormwater impacts and to improve and protect the water quality of Chester County's streams. It will also assist municipalities in addressing stormwater management needs and certain NPDES MS4 regulatory requirements.

    The County-wide Act 167 Plan will be comprised of the Watersheds Plan (as published 2002) with an Act 167 Addendum. The Addendum will include a Model Ordinance and Standards Matrix for stormwater management related to land disturbance, Christina Basin MS4 TMDL Implementation Strategy, Act 167 Plan consistency requirements for state financed projects, and additional documentation required to fulfill the Act 167 plan requirements.
    Completed Tasks

    • March 2012 -
      • Received written municipal and stakeholder review comments on January 20, 2012 Draft Model Ordinance and Draft Standards Matrix.
      • All comments received were compiled into a March 2010 Comments Document, for use in revising draft model ordinance and matrix documents (over 65 pages of comments from 37 municipalities).
      • PADEP response received regarding proposed Christina TMDL strategy (C-TIP) presented in February 2012; C-TIP work session with municipalities.
    • March-April 2012 -
      • Initial revisions developed and incorporated into draft documents based on thorough consideration of all comments received; appendices documents re-written, re-compiled and/or revised based on comments received.
      • C-TIP strategy and methodology for load reduction calculation re-designed based on PADEP response; monthly C-TIP municipal work session held.
    • May 2012 -
      • Series of 4 work sessions held with engineers/planners committee to evaluate and determine appropriate revisions to technical content based on comments received; corresponding revisions developed and incorporated into draft documents.
      • At their invitation, CCWRA and CCCD attended West Nottingham Township Supervisors meeting to hold public discussion regarding the Act 167 plan and draft ordinance provisions with Township officials, representatives and public as well as representatives from neighboring municipalities.
      • C-TIP strategy calculation methodology completed; C-TIP document re-written; monthly C-TIP municipal worksession held.
    • June 2012 -
      • Compiled, reviewed and prepared further revisions based on feedback received from West Nottingham meeting and subsequent written comments from municipalities.
      • Legal review and revisions conducted on internal revised draft model ordinance and draft OandM agreement documents.
      • Final C-TIP MS4 TMDL Strategy document completed and released to municipalities; monthly C-TIP municipal work session held.
    • July 2012 -
      • Completed legal review and revisions.
      • Completed all revisions to Draft Model Ordinance.
      • Compiled new version of Draft Standards Matrix consistent with revised Draft Model Ordinance.
      • Compiled Revised Draft Model Ordinance and Draft Standards Matrix for public review.
      • Met with PADEP to "preview" key provisions, and revised Model Ordinance and Matrix accordingly.
      • Two municipal work sessions held regarding use of C-TIP calculation methodology and MS4 TMDL Strategy document; monthly C-TIP municipal work session held.
      • Release FINAL Draft Model Ordinance and FINAL Draft Standards Matrix (anticipated mid to late July).
    PHASE II County-wide Act 167 Plan (supporting materials)
    The ordinance standards matrix and model ordinance are being further developed and finalized in Phase II. A "Christina Basin TMDL Implementation Plan" (C-TIP) and an "Act 167 Addendum" to the Watersheds Plan are also being prepared. After the completion of Phase II, all municipalities will be required to adopt stormwater ordinance standards that are at least equivalent to the final minimum stormwater design standards in the County-wide 167 Plan.
    Phase I County-wide Act 167 Plan (documents and supporting materials)
    Phase I of the county-wide planning effort consisted of developing a set of draft stormwater ordinance provisions based on municipal input and feedback and confirmation that the Watersheds Plan fulfills the requirements of Act 167. This initial investigative phase was completed June 30, 2010.