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The Chester County Sheriff’s Office has received a number of inquiries regarding the shooting of a dog by an officer in the city of Chester, PA on December 10, 2015. Many citizens believed this occurred in Chester County PA and possibly involved “Chester County, PA Police Officers”, which is incorrect. 

This incident occurred in the City of Chester is located in Delaware County, Pa and is in no way connected to the Chester County Sheriff’s Office. It is our understanding that this incident is under investigation in Delaware County. 

The deputies in the Chester County Sheriff’s Office have always treated animals with respect. We have the largest K-9 unit in the area, consisting of seven canines trained in search and various detection, and a comfort dog to be used in the courts. We highly respect animals. Please see the incident below which happened in 2014. A Chester County Deputy showed tremendous restraint even after having received two bites from a dog. He was commended for his humane treatment and excellent training. 

On April 2, 2014, Corporal Kurt Hansen of the Chester County Sheriff’s Office was attacked by a dog. Cpl Hansen showed tremendous restraint after being attacked and bitten by the dog which he knew was a family pet of residents being served civil process paperwork. Cpl Hansen was later honored with two awards, one of which came from Senator Andy Dinniman, for professionalism and restraint. Please visit the following link for more details: 

The Chester County Sheriff’s Office remains committed to ensuring the best service to the citizens of Chester County, Pennsylvania and we encourage everyone to visit our K-9 website and K-9 Facebook page.