Chester County Water Resources Authority

Our Mission
The mission of the Chester County Water Resources Authority is to provide the citizens of Chester County with:
  • flood protection, 
  • reservoir water supplies, and
  • water science, information and planning, 
  • so that they may live in safe, healthy and prosperous communities that sustain the natural quality, quantity and biodiversity of the County's water resources.
    Upcoming Events
    January 2015 (Date TBD)
    Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 
    Risk MAP Community Coordination and Outreach Meeting 

    Follow-up meeting regarding preliminary FEMA map changes for portions of Chester County. 

    What's New
    • Interactive Online Water Resources Mapping Tools Available
      • The Online Water Maps Gallery provides “self-serve” maps of Chester County’s streams and lakes, watersheds, protected water uses, impairments/pollutants (2014), FEMA floodplains, soils, Urbanized Areas (2000 and 2010), etc. Both PDF maps and interactive map tools are provided, as are links for available GIS data files.
    • New Preliminary FEMA Floodplain Mapping Available 
      • FEMA draft updated floodplain mapping (portions of Chester County) and updated map products (all of Chester County) was released September 2015 for comments, which were accepted until October 16, 2015. Download maps from the FEMA website. Additionally, an interactive online FEMA Map is available that depicts the draft updated flood zones and the changes since the last effective Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM). Only some flood zones in Chester County were revised.
      • Comments submitted have resulted in further updates and anticipated preliminary issuance of maps will be on December 9, 2015.
      • To determine if your municipality has any draft revised floodplains, please consult the Municipal Index (9/11/15).
      • FEMA will schedule a follow-up meeting shortly (see Upcoming Events above).
    • Chester County Master Watershed Stewards - Seeking Volunteers
      • Volunteers with a strong commitment to service are needed to help improve the health of our streams and natural resources. Volunteers will be provided with extensive once-a-week training and upon completion must pass a final exam. Within the first year after the classroom study, apprentices are required to volunteer 50 hours in the community. This program is a project of the Penn State Chester County Master Watershed Stewards and the Chester County Conservation District. 
      • For more information, please read the latest press release. To obtain an application (due by February 1, 2016), please send an email to: with the subject line "2016 Master Watershed Training".
    • Today’s Water Levels for Chester County
      • A visual snapshot of current precipitation, groundwater and streamflow conditions for Chester County is presented through a set of color graphs and maps, with links to additional online webpages for more detailed information.
    • Volunteer Opportunity: Participate in the Volunteer Rainfall Observer Network
      • We are seeking volunteers to participate in the Chester County Volunteer Rainfall Observer Network. Volunteers are responsible for taking readings of a rain gage daily and after significant precipitation events, manually recording the readings, and submitting the log on a monthly basis by email or postal mail. CCWRA compiles the data for analysis, and the updated results are posted on the CCWRA website. A 3-inch diameter plastic rain gage is provided at no cost to the volunteers. The volunteer is responsible for mounting the rain gage to a post or other suitable location at their home. An ideal volunteer is committed to recording - on a daily basis - consistent and accurate measurements, and willing to participate as a volunteer for years. If you are interested in finding out more about the Network or to become a volunteer, please contact the CCWRA at 610-344-5400.
    Right To Know Information
    Click here for the Chester County Water Resources Authority's Right-to-Know information. This is solely for requests to the Chester County Water Resources Authority. Any requests intended for the County of Chester must follow the procedures posted on the County Of Chester's Open Records Law web page (click here).