Resources in the Community

  1. Adult Day Care

    Learn about what the program has to offer for older persons who are unable to manage independent living yet do not require institutional care.

  2. Employment Services

    Check out the organizations the county works with to let senior residents work.

  3. Home Delivered Meals / Food Programs

    Explore possibilities offered to seniors to get meals delivered to their homes.

  4. Housing in Chester County

    Explore the available housing properties designed specifically for senior residents.

  5. Nursing Facility / Nursing Home

    Look through information that will help you find a nursing home in the county.

  6. Personal Care Boarding Home / Assisted Living

    Read information to find out if assisted living is right for you or a loved one.

  7. Private Pay In-Home Services

    Access information about the costs of the private pay in-home services.

  8. ReferWeb

    Use this search engine to find out about available health and human services.

  9. Respite Care

    Access information about this service that allows family caregivers to have a brief rest from their sometimes overwhelming obligations.

  10. Senior Centers

    Explore the many services provided by the community's Senior Centers.

  11. Support Groups

    View the county's directory of all the available support groups available to area residents.

  12. Taxes

    Review information about the property tax / rent rebate program available to seniors.