Education Programs - January 2016

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New Year’s Day Hikes
It’s a new year and a new beginning, start off with fresh air and exercise! Learn about natural and cultural history on a ranger-led, 2- mile hike with moderate slopes. Bundle up and bring your water bottle and hiking shoes to set out on the right foot!

Paws On the Path
Nottingham rangers love to see people in the park with their dogs, and often joke they know the dogs’ names, but not the human visitors! Hikes are designed to let dogs & their people meet for fun and socialization. All dogs must have their walker on a 6 foot lead, and be ready to pack out any reminders from the trail. Blanket & food donations for local shelter welcome! Hikes are also scheduled for February 13 and March 12.

Wild Animals Up Close
For Ages 2 - 5. Learn about the wild animals of Pennsylvania up close! Explore the parks’ animal mounts and have a hands-on discussions about habitat and adaptations.

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