Chester County Pavilion Reservations

Pavilions are available year-round at Hibernia, Nottingham and Warwick County Parks. Reservations must be received at least three days in advance of the requested date. Reservations can be scheduled up to 12 months in advance.

To make a reservation, scroll down and select a pavilion either by using the map or quick links.

Special Events

Please call the park office before making a reservation for a special event (wedding, camp, school trip, dog show, 5K run). View more details about hosting a special event. 

Payment is required to confirm the reservation. Payments are non-refundable but can be credited for a reschedule within one year.
Nottingham Pavilion 8.jpg


Pavilion Type
and Holidays
Small Pavilion - Resident
Small Pavilion - Non-Resident
Large Pavilion - Resident
Large Pavilion - Non-Resident
A fee of 2.25% of the payment amount or a flat fee of $2 will be charged for an electronic credit card transaction. Chester County does not receive this fee.