Visitation Alert

Notice to All Visitors
Unfortunately, there maybe times when due to health concerns of a “pandemic nature” we will be forced to alter and or cancel our inmate visitation schedule. Every effort will be made to accommodate your visit.

However, if we are confronted with the reality of having limited staffing resources, and / or if we have enacted quarantined / isolated areas, difficult decisions will be made which will have an affect on the daily operation of the Prison.

Visiting For Inmates Affected By the Flu and /or Quarantine Isolated Status Will Be Cancelled

I recommend if possible you keep in contact with your family member regarding his /her visitation status, call the Prison and /or check the Prison Website for any schedule changes prior to coming out to the Prison for a visit.

Prison Main Number: 610-793-1510

Thank You for Your Cooperation,

D. Edward McFadden, Warden