Transfer Report Instructions

System Requirements
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 and up
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 and up
  • Username and Password assigned by County of Chester, PA.
    • For security purposes, a different Username and Password are assigned for the Transfer Ticket Report application and the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) file download. Information about the FTP file is available upon request by contacting Susan Zieber, Administrative Supervisor, Assessment Office 610-344-6133.
  • By County policy, passwords must be changed every 90 days.
  • A signed Privacy Policy is requiredin order to receive a Username and Password.
Transfer Tickets
Information contained in these reports is generated from the Recorder of Deeds Office and DCIS/GIS including any additional information or changes made, after verification by the Assessment Office. This Page contains 4 different types of Transfer Ticket Reports for Municipalities & School Districts.
  1. Monthly Transfers Report
    This report is published monthly with documented information pertaining to land records transfers that were recorded throughout the month.
  2. Monthly Multiple UPI's Report
    This report is published monthly and includes all UPI(s) if noted on the Monthly Transfer Report.
  3. Monthly Modifications Report
    This report will show all modifications/changes made to Transfer Tickets that were previously published.
  4. Monthly Multiple UPI's Modifications Report
    This report will show all modifications/changes made to Transfer Tickets that were previously published with multiple UPI(s).
Click on any report under the titles Municipalities or school Districts. This will bring up the User Parameter Screen.
    Query/Parameters Screen
    Enter in the Recorded Date
    Start & Recorded Date End

    Enter the Instrument Number
    2. Click on Submit Query button or press Enter.This will bring up the Muni or School District user authentication screen.

    User Authentication Screen
    The parameters screen of the Municipality Monthly Transfer Ticket Report
    The Muni and School District Authentication login screen
    3. Enter the assigned User Name & Password.

    Click on the Submit button or press Enter. This will display the desired report in PDF format.

    Printing a Report

    To print out a report simply click on the “Print Preview” button. This will display a preview screen.Click Print to have the report print on your default printer.

    NOTE: You can change your default printer in Microsoft Windows by clicking on Start, then Settings and then selecting the printer you wish to use.

    For more information, call 610-344-4717.