The Board of Chester County Commissioners and the Chester County Agricultural Development Council (Ag Council) present 2 annual awards, Farmer of the Year and Distinguished Agricultural Service. The Farmer of the Year award recognizes a farmer, farm family, partnership, etc., who maintains and exemplifies outstanding farming practices. The Distinguished Agricultural Service award honors an individual(s) who has positively promoted, made significant contributions to, or provided exceptional services for the Chester County agricultural community.

If interested in nominating someone that deserves recognition in these areas, please complete the Farmer of the Year nomination form and/or the Distinguished Agricultural Service nomination form. The ADC will review each nomination and select a recipient.

This year, the Ag Council presented the Farmer of the Year award to two winners: the team from Seven Stars Farm and Lewis Wilkinson. The Distinguished Service to Agriculture award to was given to Howard and Janet Robinson, longtime champions of Chester County agriculture. For more information about the 2015 winners, click here.

The Team at Seven Stars Farm

Lewis Wilkinson

2015 Farmer of the Year Award: The Team at Seven Stars Farm, represented by Mark Dunphy


2015 Distinguished Service to Agriculture Award: Howard and Janet Robinson


2015 Farmer of the Year Award: Lewis and Mary Wilkinson


Year Farmer of the Year
Distinguished Service to Agriculture
 2015  The Team at Seven Stars Farm
 Lewis Wilkinson
 Howard and Janet Robinson
2014 Robert Lange Robert Ray
2013 Drs. Thomas and Barbara Schaer
Peter Flynn
Daniel Miller
2012 Dave and Roberta Rotelle

Larry Welsch
Terry Brett
2011 Ike and Lisa Kerschner
David Hodge
Joseph Fecondo
2010 Steve Castorani
Jane Pepple
2009 Norman Laffey Family and
Anthony and Karen Vietri
Nancy L. Mohr
Joseph and Ben Cordivano Donald (Buster) Needham
2007 Stan and Cathy Guest Charles Harris
2006 Karen Vollmecke
John Arrell
2005 I. Glen Engle Family
Dennis Byrne
2004 Phillips Mushroom Farm
Betsy Huber
2003 Angelo J. Zunino and Son Inc. Charles L. Roten
2002 Knight Run Farm George and Sue Lamborn
2001 Walmoore Holsteins, Inc. Arthur Hershey
2000 Gottlieb Strohmaier Family Gary W. Smith
1999 David Lantz Family Cheryl Fairbairn
1998 The Raymond Harnish Family Furman Gyger, Jr.
1997 Tim Barlow and Ben Beiler

1996 Matthews Family Robert Lange
1995 Rosazza Family Hoopes family
1994 Omar and Nelson Beam families G. Pownall Jones
1993 Yeatman Bros. Charlie Brosius
1992 Horace/Hazel Walton Charlie Gable
1991 Ken/Marilyn Umble Hoopes Yarnall Family
1990 Bill Beam Harold Kulp
1989 Mason Brothers Charlie Wollaston